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You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer. There’s nothing to download. No passwords to remember. Just you speaking with your provider face-to-face over a secure connection. Virtual visits are available (but not limited to) the following types of appointments:

  • Birth Control Consult
  • Follow-up Appointment
  • GYN Problems
  • Infertility Consult
  • Lab Results
  • Medication Check
  • Postpartum Depression Screening
  • Preconception Counseling

What is a telehealth appointment?

The telehealth service Capital Women’s Care provides is a secure, convenient method that allows the patient to pick where she wants to have her appointment without the need of going to a physical office at a time that is scheduled just for her.  By having visual feedback between the patient and doctor we can provide the same quality medical advice, remotely. 

During this virtual visit, your doctor will provide the service of evaluating and treating the concern you are being scheduled for and will bill your insurance for the level of service provided. Most insurance companies cover telehealth services, but for specific plan benefits, including patient out-of-pocket costs, we would encourage you to reach out to your insurance company for the most accurate and up-to-date benefit information. Please reach out to your provider’s office to discuss options for virtual visits.

To Get Started with your Virtual Visit:

  • Make sure you are in a private, quiet setting with reliable Wi-Fi or cellular service.
  • Locate your email or text message containing your visit link.
    • Don’t see an email or text? Remember to check your junk/spam folder.
    • Still don’t see it? Contact your provider’s office.
  • Click the secure link in the email/text to see your provider face-to-face.
  • Check out the “Test My Device” feature prior to joining your visit to make sure you are on a supported device.
  • You will be taken to a welcome page. Click “Let’s Go!”
    • You may be prompted to complete a few questions that will be shared with your provider.
    • Review the content on the Terms of Use page. Check all of the boxes, type your full name, and provide your date of birth to proceed with your visit.
    • You may be required to provide payment before joining your visit. If so, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Click “Join Visit.”
  • Your provider or a member of your care team will connect with you as soon as they are ready.

Once you have finished your visit, click “End Visit” and complete the brief survey.

Telehealth Tips for Patients

Telehealth is changing healthcare for the better. Even though telemedicine appointments are becoming popular, video conferencing can be a challenge. Below are a few tips to ensure you are getting the most from your virtual visits.

1. Use the best equipment available to you and the strongest DATA connection. Using proper equipment will allow you to communicate with your provider effortlessly. It is important to use a quality camera to allow your provider to see you clearly and the fastest internet speed available to you to limit glitches. You will feel more comfortable with a clear view of your physician during telemedicine visits. If the space you are in is not quiet, using headphones can be helpful.

2. Virtual Visits are just like office visits. Please consider signing in a few minutes prior to your visit. Just like coming to the office, there are some materials you must read and acknowledge when signing in for your virtual visit. Your appointment is scheduled just like any other office visit and our goal is to be as on time as possible. You can sign in to the “virtual waiting room” 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

3. Sign on in a private space. Our recommendation is to sign in for your virtual visit where you have no outside distractions.

4. Please provide feedback. Providing feedback will allow your provider to improve until they have a perfect bedside manner.

5. Listen to provider instructions and treatment and plan for follow-up. Telehealth visits can be a little bit more confusing than traditional office appointments. Since there is no physical paper with instructions, ensure that you have the necessary information to pick up electronically prescribed medication and to schedule a follow-up virtual appointment if needed. Take notes if you find that helpful.

By enrolling in our Patient Portal you will have access to the patient plan summary your provider will prepare at the end of the visit. If anything isn’t clear, don’t be shy! Ask questions if anything isn’t clear.

Speak to Your Provider About Virtual Visits

Capital Women’s Care now offers Virtual Visits – a simple, secure way to see one of our providers without leaving your home. To sign up for a Virtual Visit, call your provider’s office.