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What are some of the benefits of Digital Mammograms?

  • Digital imaging is faster. While most women do not experience extreme discomfort during a mammogram, breast compression can be painful for some. Shorter imaging times means less time spent in pain.
  • Digital mammogram results are available immediately. Without having to wait for film to be developed, the process is expedited, as the doctor can view the results while the exam is being performed.
  • Digital images can be reviewed more thoroughly, which may allow for earlier detection. Because the images are viewed through a computer screen, they can be manipulated to enlarge or focus in on specific areas. We are able to increase or decrease contrast to help decipher normal breast tissue from anything that may be abnormal, and our radiologists can now use computer-aided detection (CAD), which automatically highlights any areas of concern. All of these factors combine to help use better detect tumors at an earlier stage.
  • Electronic records can be shared easily. Digital mammogram results can instantly be linked to your electronic medical records, making your results available for other providers to use as needed.
  • Digital mammograms expose patients to about one-quarter less radiation than traditional film mammograms. While the amount of radiation exposure during film mammography is very small and considered a very safe amount, digital mammograms expose patients to even less.

Digital mammograms are ideal for detecting breast cancer in women who have dense breast tissue. According to the American Cancer Society, “early detection saves thousands of lives each year, and many more lives could be saved if more women took advantage of these tests.”  

Speak with your Capital Women’s Care provider about digital mammography and be sure to schedule your annual mammogram today! 

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