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At Capital Women’s Care, our team works to ensure you receive the highest quality care. Our policies allow for consistent and efficient treatment of all patients.

Understanding PMS

Rough Day

Premenstrual Syndrome, commonly known as PMS, is part of a woman’s menstrual cycle that can cause many unpleasant symptoms.

The Importance of Pap Smears

Discuss your pap smear results with your doctor

By detecting cervical changes sooner, the Pap Smear allows for earlier intervention and treatment – another important reason for women to be diligent in having their annual exam.

Talking With Your Teen

Mother giving daughter "the talk"

While there are differing opinions about whether or not to provide contraception to your children, we can all agree that teen pregnancies can be prevented. But how do you start the conversation with your teen?

Early Detection is Key

Examination of a Mammogram

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to remind women about the importance of early detection. The National Cancer Institute reports, "When breast cancer is detected early, in the localized stage, the 5-year survival rate is 98%."

Suicide Prevention Week

Depressed Teen

The unexpected death of Robin Williams has opened the door for conversations about depression and suicide. It goes to show that no matter how happy a person may seem on the outside, they may be battling dangerous feelings on the inside. We talk about signs and traits you may observe in someone who is suicidal.

CWC Expands to Carroll County

Capital Women's Care - Logo

It is with great pleasure we announce the merger of Drs. Christos Ballas, Michael Barnett, and Steven Miller with Capital Women’s Care. Beginning, October 1, 2014, they will serve patients in the David Green Building in Westminster, MD.

Ovarian Cancer Overview

Ovarian Cancer teal ribbon

Although the diagnosis rates have been declining over the past 20 years, the American Cancer Society estimates that “about 21,980 women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer” this year.

Is Hormone Therapy for You?

Woman in her 50s
Menopause is a natural occurrence when a woman’s body stops producing estrogen. Although it is different for every woman, menopause typically occurs between ages 40 and 55.

The Truth About HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS Red Ribbon

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “more than 1.1 million people in the United States are living with the HIV infection.”


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The providers of Capital Women's Care seek the highest quality medical and ethical standard in an environment that nurtures the spirit of caring for every woman.


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