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National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month

Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month
September is designated National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month. Your Capital Women’s Care team explains atrial fibrillation, its risk factors, symptoms, causes and treatments plus outlines important tips you can initiate to reduce your personal AFib risk, so you have best opportunity to enjoy a long quality life.

Healthy Aging for Women

Middle aged women getting ready to do yoga
September is Healthy Aging Month and your Capital Women’s Care team offers vital tips for healthy aging so you can pave the way to maintain and continue enjoying sound health during your senior years.

Importance of Combating Inflammation

Woman with back pain
Your local Capital Women’s Care team wants to increase your awareness of chronic inflammation and its adverse health effects. We discuss chronic inflammation causes, symptoms and treatments and offer tips to combat and eliminate chronic inflammation and subsequent health issues, so you achieve and enjoy a long quality life.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Woman breastfeeding baby
August is designated Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Your Capital Women’s Care team highlights breastfeeding recommendations; important health benefits breastfeeding offers both baby and mother; new health information relating to COVID-19 and breastfeeding, including recent findings; and vital tips and practices for successful breastfeeding.

Fibroid Awareness Month

Woman in bed with abdominal pain
July is designated Fibroids Awareness Month. Your local Capital Women’s Care team of health professionals shares important information about fibroids and their symptoms, causes and treatments to help you understand how they may impact your body and overall health.

National Fragile X Syndrome Day

Fragile X, Are your kids at risk?
National Fragile X Syndrome Day is July 22, celebrating those impacted by Fragile X Syndrome (also known as Fry’s Syndrome), a genetic condition resulting from mutation within the FMR1 gene that’s known as the most common form of inherited intellectual disability and leading known genetic cause of autism.
Mother with child
July is designated National Purposeful Parenting Month by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS.) As summer break from school brings families together more frequently, your local Capital Women’s Care team offers important purposeful parenting tips to help build strong kids and families while establishing a positive, nurturing foundation for kids to enjoy enriching, fulfilling lives.
Woman drinking a bottle of water
Now that summer has arrived, your Capital Women’s Care women’s health experts want to share important information about the symptoms and health effects dehydration has upon these populations, its complications and how to prevent it. Plus, we offer you helpful tips on how you and your family can stay hydrated during the hot, humid months of summer.

Farmers’ Markets and Fresh Foods

Farmers Market
Your Capital Women’s Care team shares vital information about the benefits of incorporating fresh, whole foods into your nutrition, including types of fruits and vegetables to add to your family’s daily menu plus their nutrition values. We also provide links to the recommended daily nutritional requirements of fresh foods and serving measurements. Finally, we offer you some activities and ideas relating to how you and your family can incorporate a bounty of whole, fresh foods into your daily snacks and meals, so you enjoy their bountiful health benefits year-round.

Maternal Health Issues During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman monitoring blood pressure
Your Capital Women’s Care team of women’s health professionals shares important information concerning these specific changes impacting maternal health, their subsequent symptoms and available treatments. This information can help protect you and your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy, so you not only experience a routine pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby, but also an uneventful birth without lingering post-partum health complications.


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