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10 Tips to Keep Your Weight in Check This Holiday Season

Family playing in the snow
The holiday season provides a fantastic opportunity to catch up with family, friends, and loved ones. Unfortunately, it can also provide a platform for an endless smorgasbord of tempting seasonal treats, including ones loaded with fat, calories, refined sugars, and processed ingredients. Holiday indulgence in food and drink can add a few inches to your waistline, not to mention cause tears of regret during that first visit to the bathroom scale on New Year’s Day. So what is a person to do?

Six Ways to Help Women Reduce and Minimize Holiday Stress

Woman showing signs of holiday stress
Studies have found women are more prone to experiencing holiday stress than men, with many women reporting increasingly heightened stress levels through the holidays. Holiday-induced stressors indicated by women include lack of time, not enough money, pressure to give or get gifts, and inability to manage the increased load of entertaining, social obligations, cooking/baking, decorating and holiday traveling on top of everyday work and family responsibilities.

Flu Vaccine Protection for Pregnant Women & Their Unborn Babies

Pregnant woman getting a shot
Now that cold and flu season is upon us, it is especially important for pregnant women to safeguard themselves and their unborn babies against seasonal flu. The flu vaccine is the best form of available protection against the flu, which can cause major complications for both expectant moms and their unborn babies.

Facts on Smoking – How It Affects Women’s Health

Woman with no smoking sign

With the Great American Smoke Out on November 16, many of the estimated 37.8 million Americans who currently smoke band together to tackle the challenges of permanently quitting this unhealthy, dangerous habit. 

Preventative Measures to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Women exercising to help reduce breast cancer risk
Every woman faces the risk of breast cancer, especially as she ages, since most breast cancers are diagnosed in women over age 50. However, many known breast cancer risk factors are directly linked to how we take care of ourselves. Staying healthy by making the right lifestyle choices lowers breast cancer risk, as well as, improves the chance of survival in those diagnosed.


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