Mastitis – Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

What Is Mastitis?

Mastitis is the inflammation of breast tissue that may involve infection. While it can occur in non-pregnant women and men, breastfeeding women are particularly susceptible to lactation mastitis.

Lactation mastitis’ most common cause is milk becoming trapped within the breast. Blocked milk duct(s), bacteria (from either mother’s skin surface or baby’s mouth) entering milk ducts through cracks in mother’s breast skin or nipples, or breasts not completely emptied during breastfeeding or pumping are other causes.

Breastfeeding - Nurturing & Nourishment Benefits for Mom & Baby

Breastfeeding offers moms and babies great benefits to their overall health and well-being while providing a special opportunity to begin a nurturing, life-long bond. With planning, knowledge, practice, and patience, breastfeeding moms can successfully provide baby’s nutrition, optimize baby and personal health, and enrich their maternal relationship with baby. We’d like to share important benefits babies and moms gain from breastfeeding.

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