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How IBS Affects Women

Woman holding her stomach in pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects twice as many women as men, people under the age of 50, and those with a family history. Find out the symptoms today.

Colon Cancer Awareness

Colon Cancer Ribbons
1 in 23 women will be diagnosed with Colon Cancer in their lifetime. Find out if you are at risk using Capital Women's Care's resources.

The Effects of Alcohol on Women

Women toasting with wine glasses
Women are at greater risk of developing alcohol-related issues than men, due to their body structure and chemistry. Find out more today.

Nutrition for Life

Nutrient rich foods

Our mission at Capital Women’s Care focuses on the overall well-being of our patients, which includes a healthy lifestyle and diet.

How Anorexia & Bulimia Affect Women

Woman struggling with bulimia looking in the mirror
Anorexia and Bulimia affect women all over the world. Capital Women's Care would like to educate you on the dangers and provide help today.

American Heart Month

Heart and stethoscope
February is American Heart Month. Find out stats about reducing your risk of heart disease and contact a provider today for an appointment.

Sexual Assault

abused woman
Contact the 24/7 Help Line: 800-656-4673 (HOPE) if you are dealing with sexual abuse or assault.

Preventing Birth Defects

Woman holding a baby's hand
Capital Women's Care would like to take a moment to share some information about birth defects and what you can do before and during pregnancy.

Cervical Health Awareness

Calendar of January 2017
January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, so Capital Women's Care would like to share information and encourage you to schedule an exam today!

Drug Abuse in Women

Prescription drugs and alcohol
Discussing personal struggles with your health provider can help. CWC is equipped to suggest resources to help you break the cycle of addiction.


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The providers of Capital Women's Care seek the highest quality medical and ethical standard in an environment that nurtures the spirit of caring for every woman.


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