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Warm Weather Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnant woman on beach
While many people look forward to the barbeques, beach days, and heat of the summer, pregnant women often struggle during the summer months due to the increased heat and humidity. At Capital Women’s Care, we recognize the process of keeping you and your unborn child healthy, so we have built a list of ways for pregnant women to take care of themselves during the hottest months of the year.
Man and woman walking outside
Capital Women’s Care is dedicated to caring for the health of women at every age. With that, we recognize most women have important men in their lives. Whether it is your partner, father, brother, uncle, son, or friend, men’s health plays a significant role in your own well-being. June is National Men’s Health Month, so we’ve put together a guide to help women advocate for the health of the important men in their lives.

Spring Clean your Body

Women doing pushups

Every spring presents the opportunity to start fresh with a new exercise routine or a healthy eating plan. If you do not start with a clear and organized plan, it is easy to lose steam once you get lost in the details of a new routine.Use our guide below to plan, organize, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Elderly women exercising with hula hoops

It is National Women’s Health Week, and we are inviting women of every age to celebrate with us! You are never too young or old to start taking your health seriously. If you are looking for age-specific resources on how to spring clean your health at every age, look no further than our recommended list below.

Women hanging out - mental health day

Mental health has long been overlooked as an important factor in overall health. Recent research and initiatives like Mental Health Month outline mental health’s role in practicing a healthy lifestyle. In fact, mental health is just as important as physical health! This year, Mental Health Month is highlighting the theme #4mind4Body. In honor of Mental Health Month, here are five areas you can start some mental health spring cleaning.

National Infant Immunization Week Banner
If you are running behind with scheduling doctor’s appointments for your baby, or if you have been on the fence about having your infant vaccinated, you are not alone. April 27th – May 4th is National Infant Immunization Week. Take this week to learn the science behind vaccines, what they mean for your child’s future, and their crucial role in keeping our society healthy.
Young woman meeting with a doctor
The field of research and treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections is always growing. Recent advancements range from easier and longer life expectancies for AIDS patients, to engineering better ways to prevent HPV from developing into cervical cancer. In a future-focused world, where the stigma around STDs is disappearing as research grows, you should not be afraid to get tested, seek treatment, and be honest with your loved ones about your condition.
March bringing awareness to STDs
STDs in the United States have been steadily on the rise for several years. Between 2003 and 2017, cases of Syphilis increased 196% and Chlamydia increased 95%, despite advances in medicine and technology that allow the public to be better informed about STDs. April is STD awareness month; do not be a statistic this month. Learn how to take control of your sexual health and protect yourself against threats.
Woman jogging in Spring
As we move from winter into spring, you may be inspired to get your house in order and start your spring cleaning. As you begin to tidy your cupboards and drawers, you should also think about “spring cleaning” your health. The days will start to get longer and warmer, spring is the perfect time to start new habits. Take initiative for you and your family’s health this year, and spring into some healthy habits.
Woman experiencing abdominal pain
Endometriosis is a common health problem for women. Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium (the tissues that line the uterus) begins to grow outside of the uterus. Same as the tissue in the uterus, it will continue to thicken, break down, and bleed each month in conjunction with one’s menstrual cycle. Typically, endometriosis is found in areas near the uterus like the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and on the exterior of the uterus, but it is possible for the endometrium to travel to other locations in the body.


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